October 2022

published: 2022/10/15

Giegold & Weiß
Genitals on Trial

Saturday 22.10.2022, 7pm
c/o Berlin, Hardenbergstraße 22-24

Genitals on Trial

Now the time has finally come! You asked us if and when our format “Genitals on Trial‟ will be shown in Berlin. We are looking forward to welcoming you on 22 October at 7pm in the large exhibition space of the c/o Berlin.

We have a great team: we were able to engage Lestari Jaeger as our protocolist. We are also excited about the first-time collaboration with courtroom sketch artist Bo Soremsky.

“Genitals on Trial‟ is a participatory event. For the few who grab a slip of paper from our numbers enby Elliott, there will be a small, but fine restroom party with gorgeous Matthias Winkler as host.

Our event is part of Todd and Zoya’s remarkable Utopia/Dystopia programme. Instagram utopiadystopia_berlin

Bring your friends, for this upbeat evening with Genitals on Trial at c/o Berlin. 
Yours. Alex and Tomka

PS: Our event is fun and easy, the background of the idea serious. You were interested to learn more about this and the absurd offence of “gender fraud‟. Alex Sharpe or Penelope Childs have dealt with it on a theoretical level:

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