Dezember 2020

published: 2020/12/03

„Intimacy: New Queer Art From Berlin And Beyond“ featuring „Die Schichten der geschlechtlichen Kleidung“, Josch Hoenes and Tomka Weiß, Ink & Backlit Foil, 2013 – 2020.

November 2020

published: 2020/11/23

We are more than happy to announce „Mercury Rising, Inter* in Bewegung“.
Exhibition project with Ins A Kromminga, Ev Blaine Matthigack, Luan Pertl und Sylvia Sadzinski.

September 2020

published: 2020/09/26

Memorial for Josch Hoenes
„Für Josch Hoenes – Eine Veranstaltung entlang von Erinnerungsstücken“

June 2020

published: 2020/06/01

Thanks to Brigitte Helbling and Claudia Reiche for inviting us to CulturMag Special „Shut Down 2020“.

March 2020

published: 2020/03/03

Trans*genderradio made a one hour special discussing our soloshow „TRIAL and ERROR, TRANSforming health and justice“. In German Language.ärz-2020/

February 2020

published: 2020/02/11

Get your ticket for „FtM vs HIV – Medical Lube Wrestling: Teil 2“.

FtM vs HIV 3

January 2020

published: 2020/01/05

„TRIAL and ERROR, TRANSforming health and justice“,
Exhibition prolonged till 17th February 2020.