Audiovisual Installation

Laughing attacks committet!

Attacks on institutions like the the aliens department, the MDK (medical service of health insurance companies), the job center, the police, the LaGeSo (state office for health and social affairs), the Charité (one of the largest university hospitals in Europe), the School Authority.

Institutions that make people despair every day.

The enciphered representation of the institutions makes the attackers’ laughs anonymous.

A wave of laughter rises collectively against all pictured institutions and sets a counterpoint to the feeling of being exposed, which is often triggered by official contact.

Visitors are free to commit the attacks again live – en miniature and as reenactment.

An installation by Giegold & Weiß, with the voices of Elianna Renner, Gin Müller, Tanja Abou, Denice Bourbon, Martina Kock, Juli Saragosa, Emy Fem, Gorji Marzban und many more.