FtM vs HIV – Medical Lubewrestling

Performative Installation
The showroom is a medical practice. In the center a wrestling ring that seems to push everything medical massively aside. The installation FtM vs HIV focuses on biopolitical power structures and discrimination that are specifically exposed to FtM (female to male) and non-binary trans* individuals.

Infections such as chlamydia and HIV, the HIV prophylactic PrEP, as well as medical check-up, stigmatization, and transition become wrestling characters. Here, playful metaphors meet violent structures in the wrestling ring, making trans* normality tangible.

As with wrestling matches on noncommercial queer festivals and queeruptions, the ring becomes a queer place where visibility and self-empowerment are celebrated.

The cinematic documentation of the wrestlingfights from three perspectives as well as the title speech of Mr.Leather 2019 – Jack Thompson – are complementing the multimedia installation.

In the exhibition space, medical practices and their powerful processes are confidently taken over and appropriated.